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State of the Art Facilities

Brunswick Dental Rooms are delighted to offer our patients somewhat more than the usual list of dental services. Our state-of-the-art clinic creates a relaxing environment for you to undergo the latest procedures to a standard you would naturally expect from private dentistry.

  • The WAND is the gentlest method available for administering local anaesthesia. Unlike the traditional injection system, this device controls the flow by a computer which ensures that there is minimal discomfort produced. Most patients ask the same question afterwards – 'Have you injected me yet?' This innovation is particularly effective for needle-phobes.
  • We have also installed a revolutionary laser system, Diagnodent, which helps detect the presence of tooth decay with even more precision than any conventional methods.
  • We use a very efficient air abrasion system - CrystalAir, which painlessly removes any heavy stains caused by tea, coffee, wine or cigarette smoking.
  • Drill-free fillings are now possible using the CrystalAir air abrasion system when used at a higher pressure than that for stain removal. It fires a thin beam of powder to remove dental decay but, unlike a traditional drill, there is virtually no sensation at all. This simple pain-free procedure avoids the need for local anaesthesia injections. This technique eliminates the noise, vibration and odour usually associated with conventional drilling.
  • Digital low-dosage x-rays are on hand as a beneficial diagnostic aid.
  • Optical magnification is used to ensure that our attention to detail is not impaired.
  • Our intra-oral camera is a valuable aid for explaining our findings and treatment planning.

Our early intervention approach always results in a less stressful environment for patient and dentist alike and every effort has gone into creating as comfortable a dental experience for you as possible.

Even our operating chair is one of the finest available and is manufactured by a leading award-winning dental company. It has a built-in self-sterilising function which ensures a hygienic working environment at all times.

To find out more about our state-of-the-art facilities, please contact Brunswick Dental Rooms via the Contact Us form on this site or call 020 8549 7878 for further information.

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